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The first consultation

Make an appointment

  1. For Utrecht: or 0031 88 8353900
  2. For Marbella: or 0034 952899350
  3. For Utrecht or Marbella: fill in the contact form on this page

It is important that you indicate the complaint you want to visit us for.

Preparation for consultation

  1. Have you already been to another specialist with the same problem? Please bring any letters with you.
  2. Do you have previous photos, scans or blood results? Please bring them along on CD-ROM or print them out.
  3. Do you have a current medication list? Can you take it with you?
  4. What questions do you want answered? Can you already make a questionnaire?

The consultation

  1. Duration 30 minutes
  2. First a conversation about your complaints
  3. Then a physical examination
  4. We then analyse the available studies
  5. If necessary, we can take additional photos during your visit
  6. Together, we draw up a treatment plan. This often consists of physiotherapy, painkillers and lifestyle advice. But this treatment plan can also mean that we arrange for extra scans or blood tests and have you come back the next time.
  7. At the end of the consultation you will receive a letter with the findings, this letter can also be sent by email.

Follow-up consultation

  1. Duration 30 minutes
  2. Evaluation of your complaints
  3. Possibly a physical examination
  4. Together we discuss the next steps.

Possible next steps

  1. Initiate further investigations
  2. Referral to a colleague with different expertise
  3. Continuation of the current conservative path
  4. Starting the operative route with a pre-operative screening by the anaesthetist.